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Decide where you want to build your home. Choose between your land or ours. We will look at the information on the properties you're considering to help you choose the one right for your build.


Browse previous home builds from our galleries or other sources to gain inspiration for your and home design and floor plans. We are here to help you build the perfect home. 


Once you have a design/plan We will create a budget. Because every dollar counts, our knowledgeable consultants will work with you to help create a home you love that meets your budget. You’ll also get guaranteed pricing.


With your research and budget, we will start working with you on customizing your plans to fit your exact needs. Not only do you have the opportunity to select brick, paint, floor coverings, roof color, and appliances, but you can also move walls, add closet space, add square footage, and almost anything else to make your home unique.


At Next Level Development & Construction we believe that the price of your home should not come with surprises. Once you’ve designed your home to your liking, we will give you our upfront price. The price we quote is for your completed home as specified. As long as you meet your owner's responsibilities to prepare for construction and the specifications for your home remain the same, the price of your new home will not change from the day you signed your contract.


With everything in place, it’s time to sign a contract. Here’s where you’ll review and approve drawings and begin planning for construction, including setting timelines, requesting permits, and preparing the land for building your new home.


Prior to construction beginning on your home, there are a few necessary tasks that need to be completed. Some sites require clearing or grading before anything new home construction. Soil tests, surveying, and plot plans, as well as permits, are just a few of the things that need to be addressed before construction begins. We will provide our customers with the information they need to understand the entire process and each phase of construction.


It’s time to break ground! Once construction begins, you will be in constant communication with us. While you may not always see activity at your home site, you can be sure that there is always something being worked on in the overall build of your home.


You are almost there! When construction is completed, we will walk you through your new home and identify and complete any punch list items. We will make sure everything is up to parr and ready for you to move in. 


Just because we’re finished building your home does not mean you are on your own. Each Next Level Home is provided with a limited warranty to give you peace of mind for years. 

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